All Systems Operational
This is NOC emango_'s status page, here you'll find the current status and incident history of NOC emango_
Algemeen Operational
Cloud Operational
IAAS Beheerportaal Luxembourg Operational
IAAS Beheerportaal Duitsland Operational
Virtual Private Cloud Single-Site Schinnen Operational
Virtual Private Cloud Single-Site Bettembourg (L) Operational
Virtual Private Cloud Single-Site Frankfurt (D) Operational
Virtual Private Cloud Multi-Site Operational
Managed VPS - Windows Operational
Managed VPS - Linux Operational
Workspace Operational
DESKgrid Workspace Portal Operational
DESKgrid Workspace Databases Operational
Connectivity Operational
Autonomous System AS15966 Operational
Autonomous System AS203368 Operational
Datacenter Operational
Shared Colocatie Schinnen Operational
Shared Colocatie Bettembourg (L) Operational
Shared Colocatie Bissen (L) Operational
Shared Colocatie Frankfurt (D) Operational
Network Operational
Core Network Operational
Inter-Datacenter VLANs Operational
PoP Location Equinix AM5 Operational
PoP Location Equinix AM7 Operational
PoP Location Engie Operational
PoP Location Bettembourg (L) Operational
Security Operational
IP-VPN Operational
Shared Firewall Operational
Firewall (Managed) Operational
Online Back-up Operational
Anti-Virus (Managed) Operational
VEEAM Cloud Connect Backup Operational
Zakelijk Internet Operational
BBned ATM Operational
Glasvezel Eurofiber Operational
Glasvezel KPN (WEAS) Operational
Glasvezel Tele2 Operational
Glasvezel Ziggo Operational
KPN SDSL.bis (WEAS) Operational
KPN xDSL (WBA) Operational
Straalverbindingen Operational
Tele2 SDSL.bis Operational
VoIP Operational
IP-PBX Hosted Operational
IP-PBX Hosted Broadsoft Operational
SIP Trunking Operational
Overige / Shared Operational
Klantportaal Operational
SMTP Servers Operational
Spamfilter Operational
Webhosting (Windows) Operational
Webhosting (Linux) Operational
Datacenter Utilities Operational
Power Feed Operational
Power Switching Operational
UPS Operational
Generator Operational
Cooling Operational
Fire Prevention Operational
All Incidents / Maintenances
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