Fiber Maintenance by a 3rd party | Schinnen <> Maastricht from 05-01-2024 00:01 CET to 05-01-2024 06:00 CET

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05-01-2024 00:01 CET · 5 hours, 59 minutes



Dear customer,

Our dark fiber supplier starts a maintenance window on their network soon. They will make sure to minimize the duration of any impact on our connection. This work is necessary to continue guaranteeing the high quality and reliability of their / our network. Their work is known under ticket KA-076004. Please consider that the interruption may last during the complete Service Window. This maintenance window will affect our connection between Schinnen and our Maastricht POP.

Traffic will automatically be routed through a secondary path.
You might experience some link flapping while re-routing.

Please find below the timeframe for the scheduled works.

Start Date / Start Time (CET): 2024-01-05 - 00:01
End Date / End Time (CET): 2024-01-105- 06:00

Our local time is CET in the winter and CEST during the summer.

We apologize for the late notice.

Should you have any questions regarding this maintenance, please feel free to contact Emango @ 088-4435200 or e-mail

Emango NOC

January 4, 2024 · 22:14 CET

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