IP transit / Fiber Maintenance by a 3rd party from 13-06-2024 00:00 CEST to 13-06-2024 06:00 CEST

Scheduled Maintenance Connectivity Autonomous System AS15966 Network Core Network Zakelijk Internet Glasvezel Eurofiber
13-06-2024 00:00 CEST · 6 hours



Dear customer,

Our IP transit provider Eurofiber has scheduled maintenance on their network soon.

They will make sure to minimize the duration of any impact on our connection. This work is necessary to continue guaranteeing the high quality and reliability of their / our network. Their work is known under ticket RFC-861002. Please consider that the interruption may last during the complete Service Window due to fibers being cut and re-spliced. This maintenance window will affect our IP transit link as well as P2P customers in the Weert region.

Traffic will automatically be routed through one of our other uplink providers. You might experience some link flapping while re-routing.

Please find below the timeframe for the scheduled works.

Start Date / Start Time (CET): 2024-06-13 - 00:00
End Date / End Time (CET): 2024-06-13- 06:00

Our local time is CET in the winter and CEST during the summer.

Should you have any questions regarding this maintenance, please feel free to contact Emango @ 088-4435200 or e-mail support@emango.nl.

Emango NOC

May 27, 2024 · 12:05 CEST

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