Hardware failure Cloud Host 50 - several VM's rebooted by HA

Minor Incident Cloud Virtual Private Cloud Single-Site Schinnen
2020-11-10 19:30 CEST · 3 hours, 45 minutes



Dear customer,

Around 19:30 hours cloud host 50 crashed due to multiple hardware failures. The VM’s on this host have automatically been rebooted on other hosts in the cluster by the HA (High Availability) feature on the cluster. There was no further impact.

The defective hardware has been replaced and the host is back online and has joined the cluster again.

Should you have any questions regarding this incident, please feel free to contact Emango @ 088-4435200 or e-mail support@emango.nl.

Emango NOC

November 11, 2020 · 00:29 CEST

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