Fiber Maintenance by a 3rd party | Maastricht <> Bettembourg (L) from 12-10-2022 23:59 CET to 13-10-2022 06:00 CET

Scheduled Maintenance Cloud Virtual Private Cloud Single-Site Schinnen Virtual Private Cloud Single-Site Bettembourg (L) Virtual Private Cloud Multi-Site Connectivity Autonomous System AS15966 Autonomous System AS203368 Datacenter Shared Colocatie Schinnen Shared Colocatie Bettembourg (L) Network Core Network Inter-Datacenter VLANs PoP Location Engie PoP Location Bettembourg (L)
12-10-2022 23:59 CET · 6 hours, 1 minute



Dear customer,

Our transport supplier to Luxembourg has announced maintenance activities to perform work on their fiber infrastructure. Their work is known under ticket MAIN-4559. This maintenance window will impact Inter-Datacenter VLANS between Maastricht and Bettembembourg as well as our Luxembourg BGP Peers.

BGP / Internet traffic will automatically be routed through our other paths. Some link flapping may occur.

Please find below the timeframe for the scheduled works.

Start Date / Start Time (CET): 2022-10-12 - 23:59
End Date / End Time (CET): 2022-10-13 - 06:00
Expected Outage Duration (minutes): Up to 359 minutes

No impact is expected on our network.

Should you have any questions regarding this maintenance, please feel free to contact Emango @ 088-4435200 or e-mail

Emango NOC

September 8, 2022 · 17:21 CET

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